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The small bridge along
The small bridge along the river that I want to describe is actually no longer there. Just because he missed the convenience that he had been able to bring to passers-by, or for a long time, because of his disappearance, he brought many confusions and confusions to the passing people, and a long riverside path that could not be completed. Whether it's a morning in the morning or a rare night in the moon, there are always some people who want to grab the working hours or shorten the long distance. The cat pulls the small road without any shape of the branches and moves quickly. Even if the sun is shining and the rain is muddy, it is still not the case! When I went to work at this factory, I felt that the path was clear at the beginning. The "S" shaped strip road can also extend the journey to the opposite platform for less than three or five minutes, extending for thirty minutes. The car also has to travel for five to ten minutes. I experienced the hardships of this journey Wholesale Cigarettes, from the enthusiasm of enthusiasm to the listlessness. The straight line distance from the station to the platform really only takes five minutes to listen to the old employees of the factory. The clear river next to the factory has long had their own welded steel bridge, but the old disobedient boys are in the dark. At night, slip out during work hours to open a desert. This kind of thing is more, everyone will follow suit, so the factory will ask people to take this small iron bridge off. I didn't interrupt his conversation. From his slow speech rate, I can see that this small iron bridge has feelings for him: he used to walk on the same feeling as he is now wearing a cat and wearing it on the riverside. Go, form a clear comparison. I have not tasted it? The muddy after the rain and the clean Beijing shoes uppers with muddy mud, I also have a new bridge that I have personally experienced. It is not unplanned. The local bridge repair project has no profit because of the project, so the payment is delayed. Can't exchange it. It��s normal to have no bridge for a year and a half on the river. But the world also has some art daring people on a dark night, I once again stand in this unfinished bridgehead, quietly look at so many passers-by on the trail. Suddenly, I found that the black shadow on the opposite side of the river was moving slowly and slowly from the gas pipeline on the side of the river Online Cigarettes. "I don't dare to watch it. This is only the movie "Wudang". Only the lens, the heart now seems to be still jumping and waiting for the shadow to lightly flash from the pipeline, only to see that a 16-year-old boy saw that I was watching him, I am embarrassed to turn around and ran. There are still three or three black shadows flashing behind, and there are even less than twenty years old girl. I have to sigh that ** has changed, and the future is awesome! This kind of pipeline pavement, that is, three sides side by side on the river, I dare not go to go alone. Once again, I also saw middle-aged men in their 40s and 50s passing slowly from above and middle-aged couples passing by. Seeing a pair of middle-aged couples lovingly holding hands on the gas pipeline slowly moving forward, and helping each other carry more things. At this time, I believe that there is such a wonderful and infinite emotion in the world Carton Of Cigarettes. The old man with a dry cigarette bag is holding a kettle and swaying toward the pipe. "There are so many people in the past! He nodded to me." of. "I can't believe it." Don't worry, it's been a long time. He said that the old man had smashed a clean place and squatted in a place not far away. He continued to smack the dry smoke and spit it out. Hey, I don��t know how tonight, I haven��t left on this tube for half a year, drink tonight. When I talked, I didn��t feel that my eyes were growing, and I grew up. He worked at this factory six months ago, and now he is back. At the time there was a bridge on the river, and later Everyone does not cherish, the bridge is demolished; of course, there are also reasons for repairing the bridge. He paused and said that he said that he was very busy tonight. After work, he still had to look at his lover who was not good enough. He said goodbye to me. He also jumped on the pipe, bowed his body and moved towards the opposite side...not at the center of the river Parliament Cigarettes. Suddenly, he shook a little and stabilized. He leaned up slightly, still dare not, and held his head down the foot. It��s the endless stream along the river and the night when it��s a little scary and dark, so it��s a little bit bigger than the previous one! I seem to see him all over the body, and the collar��s ??shirt is close On the neck, the cheeks are tilted forward. Sweat "No, please do not scare me past a pass Khan. Busy towards him, he seems to have this feeling, but soon calmed down: first leaned down the waist, balanced on the pipe, and then stood up slightly, slightly arched back and moved across the river! It��s going much better now. I know that he has experience and courage. After five minutes, he also ��easily�� jumped off the end of the pipe. I waved to me again. Of course, I also hope that when the weather is fine or the river is dredged, the construction workers will make a few planks on the quick-drying riverbed, which is also a floating bridge! Now, a four-lane flat bridge has been set up on this small river, but people are still in a hurry. Perhaps many of them still remember that no matter whether it was a morning full of morning sun or a rare night of the moon, in order to grab the working hours or shorten the long distance, the cat pulled the waist and opened the shapeless branches. Some people in the middle, those who used to walk on the small iron bridge know the hardships of the road; maybe some people in the middle know that the role of erecting bridges will be grateful to those who silently pave the way for themselves. Can anyone remember the weather-resistant steel bridge? There are also friends who have welded this bridge along the river Marlboro Lights.
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